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پاسارگاد - Pāsārgād (in Persie)
CyrustheGreatTomb 22059.jpg
Tomb o Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae
Pasargadae is locatit in Iran
Shawn within Iran
Location Fars Province, Iran
Region Iran
Coordinates 30°12′00″N 53°10′46″E / 30.20000°N 53.17944°E / 30.20000; 53.17944Coordinates: 30°12′00″N 53°10′46″E / 30.20000°N 53.17944°E / 30.20000; 53.17944
Teep Settlement
Bigger Cyrus the Great
Material Stone, Clay
Foondit 6t century BCE
Periods Achaemenid Empire
Culturs Persie
Site notes
Airchaeologists Ali Sami, David Stronach, Ernst Herzfeld,
Condeetion In ruins
Offeecial name Pasargadae
Teep Cultural
Criteria i, ii, iii, iv
Designatit 2004 (28t session)
Reference no. 1106
State Pairty  Iran
Region Asie-Paceefic

Pasargadae (frae Auncient Greek: Πασαργάδαι frae Persie: [undefined] error: {{lang}}: no text (help) پاسارگاد - Pāsārgād) wis the caipital o the Achaemenid Empire unner Cyrus the Great wha haed issued its construction (559–530 BC); it wis an aa the location o his tomb.