Pape Victor III

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Pape Blessed
Victor III
Pope Victor III.jpg
Installed 24 Mey 1086
Term endit 16 September 1087
Predecessor Gregory VII
Successor Urban II
Consecration 9 Mey 1087
bi Otho de Lagery
Creatit Cardinal 6 Mairch 1058
bi Pape Nicholas II
Personal details
Birth name Dauferio
Born c. 1026
Died (1087-09-16)16 September 1087
Monte Cassino, Papal States, Haly Roman Empire
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Feast day
  • 16 September (Roman Martyrology)
  • 16 October (Roman Proper)
Veneratit in Roman Catholic Kirk
Teetle as Saunt Blessed
Beatified 23 Julie 1887
Roum, Kinrick o Italy
bi Pape Leo XIII
Ither papes named Victor

Pape Victor III (c. 1026 – 16 September 1087), born Dauferio, wis Pape frae 24 Mey 1086 tae his daith in 1087.