Pape Urban VIII

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Urban VIII
Beeshop o Roum
Urban VIII.jpg
A portrait o Pape Urban VIII
bi Pietro da Cortona (1627)
Installed6 August 1623
Term endit29 Julie 1644
PredecessorGregory XV
SuccessorInnocent X
Ordination24 September 1592
Consecration28 October 1604
bi Fabio Blondus de Montealto
Creatit Cardinal11 September 1606
bi Pape Paul V
Personal details
Birth nameMaffeo Barberini
Born5 Apryle 1568
Florence, Duchy o Florence
Died29 Julie 1644 (aged 76)
Roum, Lazio, Papal States
ParentsAntonio Barberini & Camilla Barbadoro
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Ither papes named Urban

Pope Urban VIII (Laitin: Urbanus VIII; baptised 5 Apryle 1568 – 29 Julie 1644) ringed as Pape frae 6 August 1623 tae his daith in 1644. He expandit the papal territory bi force o airms an advantageous politickin, an wis an aw a prominent patron o the airts an a reformer o Kirk missions.