Pape Urban VII

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Urban VII
Beeshop o Roum
Urban VII.jpg
Installed 15 September 1590
Term endit 27 September 1590
Predecessor Sixtus V
Successor Gregory XIV
Ordination 30 Mairch 1553
Consecration 4 Apryle 1553
bi Girolamo Verallo
Creatit Cardinal 12 December 1583
bi Pape Gregory XIII
Personal details
Birth name Giovanni Battista Castagna
Born 4 August 1521(1521-08-04)
Roum, Papal States
Died 27 September 1590(1590-09-27) (aged 69)
Roum, Papal States
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Ither papes named Urban

Pape Urban VII (Laitin: Urbanus VII; 4 August 1521 – 27 September 1590), born Giovanni Battista Castagna, wis Pape frae 15 tae 27 September 1590. His twal-day papacy wis the shortest in history.