Pape Sylvester I

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Pape Saunt
Sylvester I
Reliquary of Pope Sylvester I PEAE Zadar.jpg
Sylvester I
Installed31 Januar 314
Term endit31 December 335
Personal details
Birth nameSilvester
BornSant'Angelo a Scala, Avellino [1]
DiedDecember 31, 335 (aged ??)
Roum, Italy[1]
Feast day
Veneratit in
Ither papes named Sylvester

Pape Sylvester I (dee'd 31 December 335), whase name is an aa spelled Silvester, wis pape frae 31 Januar, 314 tae his daith in 335. He succeedit Pape Miltiades.[2] He filled the See o Roum at an important era in the history o the Catholic Kirk, yet very little is kent o him.[3] The accoonts o his papacy preserved in the Liber Pontificalis (seivent or aicht century) conteen little mair nor a record o the gifts said tae hae been conferred on the Kirk bi Constantine I,[4] awtho it daes say that he wis the son o a Roman named Rufinus.[5] His feast is jubilantly celebratit as Saunt Sylvester's Day amang the Wastren Christian Kirks on December 31, while Eastren Christian Kirks commemorate it on Januar 2.[6]

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