Pape Sixtus V

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Sixtus V
Sixtus V.PNG
Installed24 April 1585
Term endit27 August 1590
(5 years, 4 months, 3 days)
PredecessorGregory XIII
SuccessorUrban VII
Consecration12 Januar 1567
bi Antonio Lauro
Creatit Cardinal17 Mey 1570
Personal details
Birth nameFelice Peretti di Montalto
Born13 December 1520(1520-12-13)
Grottammare, Papal States
Died27 August 1590(1590-08-27) (aged 69)
Roum, Papal States
Ither papes named Sixtus

Pape Sixtus V (Laitin: Xystus PP. V, Italian: Sisto V; 13 December 1521 – 27 August 1590), born Felice Peretti di Montalto, wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 24 Aprile 1585 tae his daith in 1590.[1][2] He is the last Pape tae tak the name "Sixtus" upon his election.

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