Pape Pius VI

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Pius VI
Pompeo Batoni - Ritratto di Papa Pio VI (National Gallery of Ireland).jpg
Pompeo Batoni's portrait o Pius VI - 1775
Installed 15 Februar 1775
Term endit 29 August 1799
Predecessor Clement XIV
Successor Pius VII
Ordination 1755
Consecration 22 Februar 1775
bi Giovanni Francesco Albani
Creatit Cardinal 26 Aprile 1773
bi Pape Clement XIV
Personal details
Birth name Giovanni Angelo Braschi
Born 25 December 1717(1717-12-25)
Cesena, Emilia-Romagna, Papal States
Died 29 August 1799(1799-08-29) (aged 81)
Valence, French Republic
Previous post
Motto Floret in Domo Domini (it blossoms in the hoose o God)[1]
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Ither papes named Pius

Pape Pius VI (25 December[2] 1717 – 29 August 1799), born Count Giovanni Angelo Braschi, reigned frae 15 Februar 1775 tae his daith in 1799.[3]

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