Pape Paul IV

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Paul IV
Beeshop o Roum
Installed23 Mey 1555
Term endit18 August 1559
PredecessorMarcellus II
SuccessorPius IV
Consecration18 September 1505
bi Oliviero Carafa
Creatit Cardinal22 December 1536
bi Paul III
Personal details
Birth nameGian Pietro Carafa
Born28 Juin 1476(1476-06-28)
Capriglia Irpina, Kinrick o Naples
Died18 August 1559(1559-08-18) (aged 83)
Roum, Papal States
Previous postCardinal-Priest o San Pancrazio fouri le Mura (1536–55)
Ither papes named Paul

Pape Paul IV, C.R. (Laitin: Paulus IV; 28 Juin 1476 – 18 August 1559), born Gian Pietro Carafa, wis heid o the Catholic Kirk an ruler o the Papal States frae 23 Mey 1555 tae his daith in 1559.[1][2]

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