Pape Linus

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Pape Saunt
Pope Linus Illustration.jpg
Installed c. 67
Term endit c. 76
Predecessor Peter
Successor Anacletus
Personal details
Born Unkent
Volterra, Tuscany, Italy, Roman Empire
Died c. 76
Roum, Italy, Roman Empire
Feast day 23 September
Veneratit in Anglicanism
Eastern Orthodoxy
Oriental Orthodoxy
Roman Catholicism

Pape Linus (Italian: Lino; died c. 76) wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae c. 67 tae his daith c. 76. Accordin tae several early soorces, he wis the seicont bishop o Roum efter Saunt Peter, makin him the seicont pape. Accordin tae ither early soorces, Pape Clement I wis the pape efter Peter. Linus an St. Clement are the anly persons specifically mentioned in the New Testament, ither than Peter, considered bi the Catholic Kirk tae hae held the poseetion o pape.[1]

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