Pape Leo XI

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Leo XI
Beeshop o Roum
Leo XI 2.jpg
Installed1 Apryle 1605
Term endit27 Apryle 1605
PredecessorClement VIII
SuccessorPaul V
Ordination22 Julie 1567
ConsecrationMairch 1573
bi Francisco Pacheco de Villena (Toledo)
Creatit Cardinal12 December 1583
bi Pope Gregory XIII
Personal details
Birth nameAlessandro Ottaviano de' Medici
Born2 Juin 1535(1535-06-02)
Florence, Duchy o Florence
Died27 Apryle 1605(1605-04-27) (aged 69)
Roum, Papal States
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Ither papes named Leo

Pape Leo XI (2 Juin 1535 – 27 Apryle 1605), born Alessandro Ottaviano de' Medici, wis Pape frae 1 tae 27 Apryle 1605. His pontificate is ane o the briefest in history haein lastit unner a month.