Pape Leo III

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Pape Saunt
Pope Leo III.jpg
Installed 27 December 795
Term endit 12 Juin 816
Predecessor Adrian I
Successor Stephen IV
Personal details
Birth name Unkent
Born 750
Roum, Exarchate o Ravenna,
Roman Empire
Died 12 Juin 816(816-06-12)
Place o daith unkent
Feast day 12 Juin
Ither papes named Leo

Pape Leo III (Laitin: Leo PP. III, Italian: Leone III; 750 – 12 Juin 816) wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 795 tae his daith in 816.[1] Protectit bi Charlemagne frae his enemies in Roum, he subsequently strengthened Charlemagne's poseetion bi crounin him Holy Roman Emperor.

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