Pape John V

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John V
Pope John V.jpg
Installed12 Julie 685
Term endit2 August 686
PredecessorBenedict II
Personal details
Birth name???
Sirie, Byzantine Empire
Died(686-08-02)2 August 686
Ither papes named John

Pape John V (Laitin: Ioannes PP. V, Italian: Giovanni V; 635 – 2 August 686) wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 12 Julie 685 tae his daith in 686.[1] He wis the first pape o the Byzantine Papacy allaeed tae be consecratit bi the Byzantine Emperor wioot prior consent, an the first in a line o ten consecutive papes o Eastren origin. His papacy wis merked bi reconciliation atween the ceety o Roum an the Empire.

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