Pape John Paul I

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John Paul I
Installed 26 August 1978
Term endit 28 September 1978
Predecessor Paul VI
Successor John Paul II
Ordination 7 Julie 1935
Consecration 27 December 1958
bi John XXIII
Creatit Cardinal 5 Mairch 1973
bi Paul VI
Personal details
Birth name Albino Luciani
Born 17 October 1912(1912-10-17)
Canale d'Agordo, Veneto, Kinrick o Italy
Died 28 September 1978(1978-09-28) (aged 65)
Apostolic Palace, Vatican Ceety
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Motto Humilitas (Humility)
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Teetle as Saunt Servant o God
Ither papes named John Paul

Pape John Paul I (Laitin: Ioannes Paulus I), born Albino Luciani (Italian pronunciation: [alˈbino luˈtʃani]; 17 October 1912 – 28 September 1978), wis the heid o the Roman Catholic Kirk frae his election tae the papacy on 26 August 1978 tae his suddent daith 33 days later on 28 September 1978. His 33-day reign is amang the shortest in papal history, resultin in the maist recent Year o Three Papes.