Pape Innocent XII

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Innocent XII
Pope Innocent XII.PNG
Installed 12 Julie 1691
Term endit 27 September 1700
Predecessor Alexander VIII
Successor Clement XI
Consecration 27 October 1652
bi Marcantonio Franciotti
Creatit Cardinal 1 September 1681
bi Pape Innocent XI
Personal details
Birth name Antonio Pignatelli
Born 13 Mairch 1615(1615-03-13)
Spinazzola, Kinrick o Naples
Died 27 September 1700(1700-09-27) (aged 85)
Roum, Papal States
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Pape Innocent XII (Laitin: Innocentius XII; 13 Mairch 1615 – 27 September 1700), born Antonio Pignatelli, wis Pape frae 12 Julie 1691 tae his daith in 1700.