Pape Innocent VIII

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Innocent VIII
Beeshop o Roum
Innocent VIII 1492.JPG
Installed 29 August 1484
Term endit 25 Julie 1492
Predecessor Sixtus IV
Successor Alexander VI
Ordination c. 1450
Consecration 28 Januar 1467
Creatit Cardinal 7 May 1473
bi Sixtus IV
Personal details
Birth name Giovanni Battista Cybo (or Cibo)
Born 1432
Genoa, Republic o Genoa
Died (1492-07-25)25 Julie 1492
Roum, Papal States
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Pape Innocent VIII (Laitin: Innocentius VIII; 1432 – 25 Julie 1492), born Giovanni Battista Cybo (or Cibo), wis Pape frae 29 August 1484 tae his daith in 1492.