Pape Innocent IX

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Innocent IX
Beeshop o Roum
Innocent IX 2.jpg
Installed 29 October 1591
Term endit 30 December 1591
Predecessor Gregory XIV
Successor Clement VIII
Ordination 11 Mairch 1544
Consecration 1560
Creatit Cardinal 12 December 1583
bi Pape Gregory XIII
Personal details
Birth name Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti
Born 20 Julie 1519(1519-07-20)
Bologna, Papal States
Died 30 December 1591(1591-12-30) (aged 72)
Roum, Papal States
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Ither papes named Innocent

Pape Innocent IX (Laitin: Innocentius IX; 20 Julie 1519 – 30 December 1591), born Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti,[1] wis Pape frae 29 October tae 30 December 1591.

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