Pape Gregory X

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Pape Blessed
Gregory X
Gregório X (Museu da Saúde, MS.PNT.00030).png
Installed1 September 1271
Term endit10 Januar 1276
PredecessorClement IV
SuccessorInnocent V
Ordination19 Mairch 1272
Consecration27 Mairch 1272
bi John o Toledo
Personal details
Birth nameTeobaldo Visconti
Bornc. 1210
Piacenza, Haly Roman Empire
Died(1276-01-10)10 Januar 1276 (aged 66)
Arezzo, Haly Roman Empire
Previous postAirchdeacon o Liège (1246–1271)
Coat o airms{{{coat_of_arms_alt}}}
Feast day10 Januar
Veneratit inCatholic Kirk
Teetle as SauntBlessed
Beatified8 Julie 1713
Roum, Papal States
bi Pape Clement XI
Ither papes named Gregory

Pape Gregory X (Laitin: Gregorius X; c. 1210 – 10 Januar 1276), born Teobaldo Visconti, wis Pape frae 1 September 1271 tae his daith in 1276 an wis a member o the Secular Franciscan Order. He wis electit at the conclusion o a papal election that ran frae 1268 tae 1271, the langest papal election in the history o the Catholic Kirk.