Pape Gregory II

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Pape Saunt
Gregory II
Pope Gregory II.jpg
Installed19 Mey 715
Term endit11 Februar 731
SuccessorGregory III
Personal details
Birth nameGregorius Sabellus
Roum, Exarchate o Ravenna
Died(731-02-11)11 Februar 731
Roum, Exarchate o Ravenna
Ither papes named Gregory

Pape Gregory II (Laitin: Gregorius PP. II, Italian: Gregorio II; 669 – 11 Februar 731) wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 19 Mey 715 tae his daith in 731.[1] His defiance o the Byzantine emperor Leo III the Isaurian as a result o the iconoclastic controversy in the Eastren Empire prepared the wey for a lang series o revolts, schisms an ceevil wars that eventually led tae the establishment o the temporal pouer o the papes.

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