Pape Formosus

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Pope Formosus.jpg
Installed 6 October 891
Term endit 4 Apryle 896
Predecessor Stephen V
Successor Boniface VI
Personal details
Born c. 816
Roum, Papal States
Died (896-04-04)4 Apryle 896
Roum, Papal States

Pape Formosus (c. 816 – 896) wis Cardinal-beeshop an Pape, his papacy lastin frae 6 October 891 tae his daith in 896. His brief ring as Pape wis tribbled, merkit bi interventions in pouer struggles ower the Patriarchate o Constantinople, the kinrick o Wast Francia, an the Haly Roman Empire. Formosus's remeens war exhumed an put on trial in the Cadaver Synod.