Pape Eugene IV

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Eugene IV
Installed 3 Mairch 1431
Term endit 23 Februar 1447
Predecessor Martin V
Successor Nicholas V
Consecration 1408
Creatit Cardinal 9 May 1408
bi Gregory XII
Personal details
Birth name Gabriele Condulmer
Born 1383
Venice, Republic o Venice
Died (1447-02-23)23 Februar 1447
(aged 63–64)
Roum, Papal States
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Ither papes named Eugene

Pape Eugene IV (Laitin: Eugenius IV; 1383 – 25 Februar 1447), born Gabriele Condulmer, wis Pape frae 3 Mairch 1431 tae his daith in 1447. He is the last pape tae tak the name "Eugene" upon his election.