Pape Clement XI

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Clement XI
Clement XI.jpg
Installed 23 November 1700
Term ended 19 Mairch 1721
Predecessor Innocent XII
Successor Innocent XIII
Ordination September 1700
Consecration 30 November, 1700
by Emmanuel-Theódose de la
Tour d’Auvergne de Bouillon
Creatit Cardinal 13 Februar, 1690
Personal details
Birth name Giovanni Francesco Albani
Born 23 Julie 1649(1649-07-23)
Urbino, Papal State
Died 19 Mairch 1721(1721-03-19) (agit 71)
Roum, Papal State
Ither papes named Clement

Pape Clement XI (Laitin: Clemens PP. XI; Italian: Clemente XI; 23 Julie 1649 – 19 Mairch 1721), born Giovanni Francesco Albani, wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 23 November 1700 tae his daith in 1721.