Pape Celestine IV

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Celestine IV
Laitin: Coelestinus IV
B Colestin IV.jpg
Installed25 October 1241
Term endit10 November 1241
PredecessorGregory IX
SuccessorInnocent IV
Creatit Cardinal18 September 1227
bi Gregory IX
Personal details
Birth nameGoffredo da Castiglione
Goffredo Castiglioni
BornDate unkent
Milan, Haly Roman Empire
Died(1241-11-10)10 November 1241
Roum, Papal State, Haly Roman Empire
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Ither papes named Celestine

Pape Celestine IV (Laitin: Caelestinus IV; died 10 November 1241), born Goffredo da Castiglione, wis Pape frae 25 October 1241 tae his daith on 10 November o the same year.