Pape Benedict XII

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Benedict XII
Papa Benedictus Duodecimus.jpg
Installed 20 December 1334
Term endit 25 Aprile 1342
Predecessor John XXII
Successor Clement VI
Creatit Cardinal 18 December 1327
Personal details
Birth name Jacques Fournier
Born c. 1280s
Saverdun, Kinrick o Fraunce
Died (1342-04-25)25 Apryle 1342
Avignon, Kinrick o Fraunce
Ither papes named Benedict

Pape Benedict XII (Laitin: Benedictus XII; died 25 Aprile 1342), born Jacques Fournier,[1] wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 20 December 1334 tae his daith in 1342. He wis the third Avignon Pape.

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