Pape Benedict XI

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Blessed Pape
Benedict XI
B Benedikt XI.jpg
Installed22 October 1303
Term endit7 Julie 1304
PredecessorBoniface VIII
SuccessorClement V
ConsecrationMairch 1300
Creatit Cardinal4 December 1298
bi Boniface VIII
Personal details
Birth nameNicola Boccasini
Treviso, Italy, Haly Roman Empire
Died7 Julie 1304 (aged 64)
Perugia, Papal States
Previous post
MottoIllustra faciem Tuam super servum Tuum ("Let Yer Face shine upon Yer servant")
Coat o airms{{{coat_of_arms_alt}}}
Feast day7 Julie
Beatified24 Aprile 1736
Roum, Papal States
bi Pape Clement XII
Ither papes named Benedict

Pape Benedict XI (Laitin: Benedictus XI; 1240 – 7 Julie 1304), born Nicola Boccasini, (Niccolò o Treviso) wis Pape frae 22 October 1303 tae his daith on 7 Julie, 1304.[1] He wis an aa a member o the Order o Preachers. Amang the events o his brief pontificate wis his revocation o Pape Boniface VIII's papal bull, Unam Sanctam, on papal supremacy.

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