Pape Benedict XI

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Blessed Pape
Benedict XI
B Benedikt XI.jpg
Installed 22 October 1303
Term endit 7 Julie 1304
Predecessor Boniface VIII
Successor Clement V
Ordination 1300
Consecration Mairch 1300
Creatit Cardinal 4 December 1298
bi Boniface VIII
Personal details
Birth name Nicola Boccasini
Born 1240
Treviso, Italy, Haly Roman Empire
Died 7 Julie 1304 (aged 64)
Perugia, Papal States
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Motto Illustra faciem Tuam super servum Tuum ("Let Yer Face shine upon Yer servant")
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Feast day 7 Julie
Beatified 24 Aprile 1736
Roum, Papal States
bi Pape Clement XII
Patronage Treviso
Ither papes named Benedict

Pape Benedict XI (Laitin: Benedictus XI; 1240 – 7 Julie 1304), born Nicola Boccasini, (Niccolò o Treviso) wis Pape frae 22 October 1303 tae his daith on 7 Julie, 1304.[1] He wis an aa a member o the Order o Preachers. Amang the events o his brief pontificate wis his revocation o Pape Boniface VIII's papal bull, Unam Sanctam, on papal supremacy.

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