Pape Anastasius II

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Anastasius II
Pope Anastasius II.jpg
Installed24 November 496
Term endit16 November 498
PredecessorGelasius I
Personal details
Birth nameAnastasius
Bornunkent date
Roum, Italy
Died(498-11-16)16 November 498
Roum, Ostrogothic Kinrick
Ither papes named Anastasius

Pape Anastasius II (Laitin: Anastasius PP. II, Italian: Anastasio II; died 16 November 498) wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 24 November 496 tae his daith in 498.[1] He wis an important figure tryin tae end Acacian schism, but his efforts resulted in the Laurentian schism, which follaeed his daith. Anastasius wis born in Roum, the son o a priest,[2] an is buried in St. Peter's Basilica.[3]

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