Pape Alexander VIII

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Alexander VIII
Bishop o Roum
Alexander VIII 1.jpg
Installed 6 October 1689
Term endit 1 Februar 1691
Predecessor Innocent XI
Successor Innocent XII
Consecration 27 December 1654
bi Marcantonio Bragadin
Creatit Cardinal 19 Februar 1652
bi Pape Innocent X
Personal details
Birth name Pietro Vito Ottoboni
Born 22 Apryle 1610(1610-04-22)
Venice, Republic o Venice
Died 1 Februar 1691(1691-02-01) (aged 80)
Roum, Papal States
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Ither papes named Alexander

Pape Alexander VIII (22 Aprile 1610 – 1 Februar 1691), born Pietro Vito Ottoboni, wis Pape frae 6 October 1689 tae his daith in 1691. He is the last pape tae tak the pontifical name o "Alexander" upon his election tae the papacy.