Pape Adrian V

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Adrian V
Papa Adriano V.jpg
Installed11 Julie 1276
Term endit18 August 1276
PredecessorInnocent V
SuccessorJohn XXI
Creatit CardinalDecember 1251
Personal details
Birth nameOttobuono de' Fieschi
Bornc. 1210–1220
Genoa, Republic o Genoa, Holy Roman Empire
Deed(1276-08-18)18 August 1276
Viterbo, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
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Ither papes named Adrian

Pape Adrian V (Laitin: Adrianus V; c. 1210/1220 – 18 August 1276), born Ottobuono de' Fieschi,[1] wis Pape frae 11 Julie tae his daith in 1276.

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