Paolo Veronese

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Paolo Veronese
Paolo Veronese, avtoportret.jpg
Died19 April 1588
Kent forPentin
Patron(s)Barbarigo faimily, Barbaro faimily

Paolo Caliari, kent as Paolo Veronese (1528–1588), wis an Italian Renaissance penter, based in Venice, kent for lairge-format history pentins o releegion an meethologie, such as The Wedding at Cana(1563) an The Feast in the Hoose o Levi (1573). Includit wi Titian, a generation aulder, an Tintoretto, a decade senior, Veronese is ane o the “great trio that dominatit Venetian pentin o the cinquecento” an the Late Renaissance in the 16t century.[1] Kent as a supreme colourist, an efter an early period wi Mannerism, Paolo Veronese developed a naituralist style o pentin, influenced bi Titian.[2]

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