Paolo Uccello

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Paolo Uccello
Cinque maestri del rinascimento fiorentino, XVI sec, paolo uccello.JPG
Portrait o Paolo Uccello (unkent airtist)
Louvre Museum, Paris
Born Paolo di Dono
1397 (1397)
Pratovecchio, Italy
Died 10 December 1475 (aged 77–78)
Florence, Italy
Naitionality Italian
Eddication Lorenzo Ghiberti
Kent for Pentin, fresco
Notable wirk(s) Funerary Monument tae Sir John Hawkwood, Saunt George an the Draigon, The Battle o San Romano
Muivement Early Renaissance

Paolo Uccello (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpaːolo utˈtʃɛllo]; 1397 – 10 December 1475), born Paolo di Dono, wis an Italian penter an mathematician that wis notable for his pioneerin wirk on veesual perspective in airt.