Pantheon, Roum

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0 Pantheon - Piazza della Rotonda - Rome (1a).JPG
Location Regione IX Circus Flaminius
Biggit in 126 AD
Biggit bi/for Publius Aelius Hadrianus
Type o structur Roman temple
Relatit Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Hadrian, Apollodorus o Damascus
Pantheon is locatit in Roum

The Pantheon (/ˈpænθiən/ or US /ˈpænθiɒn/;[1] Laitin: Pantheon,[nb 1] [pantʰewn] frae Greek: Πάνθεον [ἱερόν], an adjective unnerstuid as "[temple consecratit] tae aw gods") is a biggin in Roum, Italy, commissioned bi Marcus Agrippa during the reign o Augustus as a temple tae aw the gods o auncient Roum, an rebiggit bi the emperor Hadrian aboot 126 AD.[2]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Infrequently Latinized as Pantheum, as in Pliny's Naitural History (XXXVI.38): "The Pantheon of Agrippa was embellished by Diogenes of Athens; and among the supporting members of this temple there are Caryatids that are almost in a class of their own, and the same is true of the figures on the angles of the pediment, which are, however, not so well known because of their lofty position," as translatit bi D.E. Eichholz (Agrippae Pantheum decoravit Diogenes Atheniensis; in columnis templi eius Caryatides probantur inter pauca operum, sicut in fastigio posita signa, sed propter altitudinem loci minus celebrata).

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