Palazzo Carignano

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Façade o the Palazzo.

The Palazzo Carignano is an historical building in the centre of Turin, Italy, which hooses the Museum o the Risorgimento. It was a private residence o the Princes o Carignano, after whom it is named. Its rounded façade is different frae other façades o the same structure. It is located on the "Via Accademia delle Scienze". It wis commisioned bi Emmanuel Philibert o Savoy, Prince o Carignano. His chosen arcjitect wis Guarino Guarini who haed aa completed projects for Charles Emmanuel II, Duke o Savoy. The Palazzo wis the birthplace o the infamous Princesse de Lamballe in 1749 – confidant o Marie Antoinette an for whom she died in 1792. Charles Emmanuel o Savoy, Prince o Carignano wis born there in 1770. It wis aa the birthplace o the first King o Italy, Victor Emmanuel II in 1820. It is located near the Ryal Pailace o Turin. Contruction started in 1679.

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