Pailace o Versailles

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(Reguidit frae Palace of Versailles)
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Pailace o Versailles
Château de Versailles
Vue aérienne du domaine de Versailles par ToucanWings - Creative Commons By Sa 3.0 - 073.jpg
Aerial view o the Pailace o Versailles
Pailace o Versailles is locatit in Île-de-France (region)
Pailace o Versailles
Location within Île-de-France
General information
Location Versailles, Fraunce
Coordinates 48°48′16″N 2°07′23″E / 48.804404°N 2.123162°E / 48.804404; 2.123162Coordinates: 48°48′16″N 2°07′23″E / 48.804404°N 2.123162°E / 48.804404; 2.123162
Technical details
Fluir aurie 721,182 ft2 (67,000 m2)
Offeecial steid o the Chateau de Versailles
Offeecial name Palace an Pairk o Versailles
Teep Cultural
Criteria i, ii, vi
Designatit 1979 (3rd session)
Reference no. 83
State Pairty Fraunce
Region Europe

The Pailace o Versailles (French: [vɛʁsɑj]), or semply Versailles, is a ryal château in Versailles in the Île-de-Fraunce region o Fraunce.