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Various pairls
Various pairls
Category Carbonate mineral, protein
(repeating unit)
Strunz classification 05.AB
Color white, pink, siller, cream, broun, green, blue, black, yellae, orange, gowd, purpie, iridescent
Crystal seestem Orthorhombic[1]
Cleavage None[1]
Fractur Uneven
Mohs scale hairdness 2.5–4.5 [1]
Streak white
Specific gravity 2.60–2.85 [1]
Refractive index
  • Common pearl: 1.52-1.66
  • Black pearl: 1.53-1.69[1]
Birefringence 0.156
Pleochroism Absent
Dispersion None
Ultraviolet fluorescence
  • White pairls: light blue tae licht yellae;
  • Yellae an gowden pearls: yellae-green, greenish broun tae dark broun;
  • Black pairls: commonly pink tae orange-reid [2]

A pairl or purl is a haurd object produced within the saft tishie (speceefically the mantle) o a leevin shelled mollusc or anither ainimal, sic as a conulariid. Juist lik the shell o a clam, a pairl is componed o calcium carbonate (mainly aragonite or a mixtur o aragonite an calcite).[3] in minute creestalline form, which haes been depositit in concentric layers.

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