Pailace o the Dukes o Alba

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recent photograph o the pailace.

The Pailace o the Dukes o Alba (Spaingie: Palacio de los duques de Alba) is a ducal pailace in Piedrahita, Province o Ávila, Spain. The pailace wis constructed bi Jaime Marquet atween 1755 an 1766 as a summer residence for the Dukes o Alba, an currently hooses a schuil. The pailace wis remodeklled bi the 12t Duke o Alba. The faimilies residence in Madrid is the Pailace o Liria.

The pailace is constructed in neoclassical style an is inspired bi French examples such as the famous Pailace o Versailles. French contemporary architectur wis weel kent tae the 12t duke, wha wis ambassador o Spain in Fraunce during the 1750s. Adjacent tae the pailace wis a gairden in French style.

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