Pailace o San Telmo

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The pailace today.

The Pailace o San Telmo is a former ryal pailace. in soothern Spain, formerly the Universidad de Mareantes (a varsity for navigators), now is the seat o the presidency of the Andalusian Autonomous Government. Construction of the building began in 1682 outside the walls o the ceety, on property belonging to the Tribunal o the Haly Office, the institution responsible for the Spanish Inquisition. It wis originally constructit as the seat o the Varsity o Navigators (Universidad de Mareantes), a schuilto educate orphaned childer an train them as sailors. In 1849 it wis bought bi Prince Antoine, Duke o Montpensier (son o the exiled Louis Philippe I, Keeng o the French) he wis a son-in-law o Ferdinand VII o Spain havin mairit his dochter Infanta Luisa Fernanda. The Duke o Montpensier later claimed as the inheritance o his wife at the daith o King Ferdinand VII. It is surrounded bi the Parque de María Luisa.

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