Pailace o Necessidades

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Necessidades Palace
Native name
{{lang-Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 639-2|Palácio das Necessidades}}
Palácio das Necessidades 1997.JPG
Necessidades Palace
LocationAjuda, Lisbon, Portugal
Architectural style(s)Baroque
Offeecial name: Palácio das Necessidades
TeepProperty of Interest
Pailace o Necessidades is located in Portugal
Pailace o Necessidades
Location o Necessidades Palace in Portugal

The Pailace o Necessidades (Portuguese: Palácio das Necessidades) is a historic biggin in the Largo dae Rilvas, a public square in Lisbon, Portugal. It serves as headquarters o the Portuguese Foreign Ministry. The umwhile ryal pailace haes been clessifee'd as a Property o Public Interest frae 1983.

The pailace became the residence o the kings o the Hoose o Braganza, beginnin in the ring o Maria II, an aw subsequent monarchs lived thare, except for her son, Luís I, wha preferred tae uise the Pailace o Ajuda. Ferdinand o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha, husband o Maria II, lived in this palace until his daith, amassing a lairge collection o airt, which wad be dispersed efter his daith. The pailace then underwent several renovations tae accommodate the taste o the various monarchs who lived thare, the maist recent o which wis carried oot at the beginnin o the twentieth century bi Carlos I. He enlarged the state dining room acause o the frequency o diplomatic activity undertaken thare.

The pailace wis the scene o memorable events in Portuguese history, some momentous, some tragic, some slichtly ridiculous. Ane famous ensaumple: the king Peter V haed installed in the front door o the pailace a slot throu which his subjects coud, if thay wished tae, leave messages an complaints for the attention o the sovereign. The last significant event at the palace, which wud an aw be the epilogue o the monarchy, wis the jynt funeral o King Carlos an his son, Prince Luís Filipe, on 8 Februar 1908, efter thair assassination bi radical republicans.