Pailace o Innsbruck

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The pailace after the Baroque reconstruction, 1779.

The Imperial Pailace o Innsbruck is a former ryal an imperial residence in Innsbruck, in Austrick, an considered ane o the three maist significant cultural buildings in the kintra, along with the Hofburg Palace an Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. The "Hofburg" is the main biggin o a lairge residential complex once used bi the Habsburgs that still includes the Noblewomen's Collegiate Foundation, the Silver Chapel, the Hofkirche containing Emperor Maximilian's cenotaph an the Schwarzen Mandern, the Theological Varisty, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, Innsbruck Cathedral, the Congress, an the Hofgarten (Coort Garden) Fututher additions were added in honour o the mairiage o Airchduke Leopold tae Maria Luisa o Spain in 1765.

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