Pailace o Ajuda

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1802 image o Dom João, Prince Regent bi Domingos Sequeira with the proposed biggin the the background.


The Pailace o Ajuda (Portuguese: Palácio da Ajuda, Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈʒudɐ] "Paço da Ajuda") is a neoclassical monument in the parish o Ajuda in the ceety o Lisbon, central Portugal. Built on the site o a temporary wooden biggin constructed tae hoose the Ryal faimily after the 1755 Lisbon yirdquauk an tsunami, it wis originally begun bi architect Manuel Caetano de Sousa, who planned a late Baroque-Rococo building. Later, it wis entrusted tae José da Costa e Silva an Francisco Xavier Fabri, who planned a magnificent biggin in the modern neoclassical style. When the pailace finally became a permanent residence o the ryal family during the ring o King Luís I o Portugal an his wife, Maria Pia o Savoy, their architect, Possidónio da Silva, introduced many aesthetic changes an turned ane o the lateral façades intae the main ane.

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