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Pac flyer.png
North American flyer
    Designer(s)Toru Iwatani
    Programmer(s)Shigeo Funaki
    Componer(s)Toshio Kai
    Platform(s)Arcade, various
      CabinetStaundart upricht, mini-upricht an cocktail
      Arcade seestemNamco Pac-Man
      CPU1x ZiLOG Z80 @ 3.072 MHz[4][5]
      Soond1× Namco WSG (3-channel mono) @ 3.072 MHz
      DisplayVertically orientit, 224 × 288, 16 palette colours

      Pac-Man (Japanese: パックマン, Hepburn: Pakkuman) is an arcade gemme developed bi Namco an first released in Japan in Mey 1980.[1][2]

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