PS Comet

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PS Comet replica.jpg
The replica o PS Comet in Port Glesga toun centre shaws the elongated paidle boxes ower the twa paidle wheels on ilk side.
Name: PS Comet
Ainer: Henry Bell
Completit: 1811
Maiden voyage: 1812
Oot o service: 21 December 1820
Fate: wracked
General chairacteristics
Tonnage: 28 ton
Lenth: 45 ft (14 m)
Beam: 10 ft (3.0 m)
Propulsion: steam

The paidle steamer PS Comet wis biggit for Henry Bell, hotel an baths awner in Helensburgh, an begoud a passenger service on 15 August 1812 on the River Clyde atween Glesga an Greenock, the first commercially successfu steamboat service in Europe.[1]

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