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Type 98
Chinese PF98 120 mm rocket launcher.jpg
A PF98 rocket launcher on display at the "Our Troops Towards the Sky" exhibition
TeepAnti-tank rocket
Place o oreeginCheenae
Service history
In service1998-present
Uised biFowk's Liberation Airmy
Production history
Wecht10 kg
Lenth1191 mm

Calibre120 mm
Elevation−6° / +30°
Rate o fire4–6 rounds per minute
Maximum firin range800 m (HEAT) to 1800 m (HE)
Sichtsoptical / 4× optical

The Teep 98 (PF-98) is a 120mm unguided anti-tank rocket system developed by Norinco for the Fowk's Liberation Airmy as a successor tae the Teep 65 and Teep 78 recoilless guns. It is also known by its nickname, "Queen Bee".[1]

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