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(Reguidit frae Ovaries)
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Ovary nih.jpg
The ovaries form pairt o the female reproductive seestem, an attach tae the fallopian tubes
Bluid supply o the human female reproductive organs. The left ovary is the oval shapit structur veesible abuin the label "ovarian arteries".
SystemFemale reproductive seestem
Arteryovarian artery, uterine artery
Veinovarian vein
Nerveovarian plexus
LymphParaaortic lymph node
Anatomical terminology

The ovary is an organ foond in the female reproductive seestem that produces an ovum. Whan released, this traivels doun the fallopian tube intae the uterus, whaur it mey acome fertilised bi a sperm. Thare is an ovary (frae Laitin ovarium, meanin egg/nit) foond on the left an richt sides o the bouk. The ovaries an aw secrete hormones that play a role in the menstrual cycle an fertility. The ovary progresses throu mony stages beginnin in the prenatal period throu menopause. It is an aw an endocrine gland acause o the various hormones that it secretes.[1]

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