Ottoman Turkis leid

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Ottoman Turkish
لسان عثمانىlisân-ı Osmânî
RegionOttoman Empire, PNGSC
EraRefurmed intae Modren Turkish in 1928[citation needit]
Early form
Ottoman Turkis alphabet
Leid codes
ISO 639-2ota
ISO 639-3ota

The Ottoman Turkis leid or Ottoman leid (لسان عثمانى‎Lisân-ı Osmânî ) is the variety o the Turkis leid that wis uised in the Ottoman Empire. It borrows extensively frae Arabic an Persie, an wis written in the Ottoman Turkis alphabet. Consequently, Ottoman Turkis wis lairgely unintelligible tae the less-eddicatit lawer-cless an rural Turks, who continued tae uise kaba Türkçe ("raw Turkis"), which uised far fewer foreign loanwirds an which is the basis o the modren Turkish leid.[1] The Tanzimât era saw the application o the term "Ottoman" when referrin tae the leid (لسان عثمانیlisân-ı Osmânî  or عثمانلوجهOsmanlıca ) an the same distinction is made in Modren Turkis (Osmanlıca  an Osmanlı Türkçesi ).

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