Otto Wallach

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Otto Wallach
Otto Wallach 1880s.jpg
Born27 Mairch 1847(1847-03-27)
Königsberg, Proushie
Died26 Februar 1931( 1931-02-26) (aged 83)
Göttingen, Germany
NaitionalityProushie / German Empire
Alma materVarsity o Göttingen
Kent forIsoprene rule
AwairdsNobel Prize for Chemistry (1910)
Davy Medal (1912)
Scientific career
FieldsOrganic chemistry
InstitutionsVarsity o Göttingen,
Varsity o Bonn
Doctoral advisorAugust Wilhelm von Hofmann,
Friedrich Wöhler,
Friedrich Kekulé
Doctoral studentsWalter Haworth

Otto Wallach (27 Mairch 1847 – 26 Februar 1931) wis a German chemist an recipient o the 1910 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his wirk on alicyclic compoonds.[1][2]

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