Otto, Hereditary Prince o Hesse-Kassel

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Hereditary Prince o Hesse-Kassel
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Born24 December 1594(1594-12-24)
Kassel, Hesse
Dee'd7 August 1617(1617-08-07) (aged 22)
BuiriedSaunt Mary's Kirk in Marburg
Spoose(s)Katharina Ursula o Baden-Durlach
Agnes Magdalene o Anhalt-Dessau
Ernest Reinhard o Hattenbach (illegitimate)
FaitherMoritz, Landgrave o Hesse-Kassel
MitherAgnes o Solms-Laubach
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Otto, Hereditary Prince o Hesse-Kassel (24 December 1594 – 7 August 1617) wis the heir apparent tae Hesse-Kassel until his daith age 22. He mairit twice but haed nae surviving legitimate issue.