Oswald Spengler

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Oswald Spengler
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BornOswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler
29 Mey 1880(1880-05-29)
Blankenburg, Duchy o Brunswick, German Empire
Dee'd8 Mey 1936(1936-05-08) (aged 55)
Munich, Bavarie, Nazi Germany
Alma materVarsity o Munich
Varsity o Berlin
Varsity o Halle
Era20t-century filosofie
RegionWastren filosofie
SchuilGoethean science[1][2]
Conservative Revolution
Main interests
Filosofie o history, poleetical filosofie
Notable ideas
The decline o the Wast
SignaturOswald Spengler signature.PNG

Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler (German: [ˈɔsvalt ˈʃpɛŋlɐ]; 29 Mey 1880 – 8 Mey 1936) wis a German historian an filosofer o history that's interests includit mathematics, science, an airt.

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