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Probably Alexandria, Egyp
Probably Tyre, Phoenice
PawrentsLeonides o Alexandria

Origen (Greek: Ὠριγένης, Ōrigénēs), or Origen Adamantius (Ὠριγένης Ἀδαμάντιος, Ōrigénēs Adamántios; 184/185 – 253/254),[1] wis a scholar, ascetic,[2] an early Christian theologian wha wis born an spent the first hauf o his career in Alexandria. He wis a proleefic writer in multiple branches o theology, includin textual creeticism, biblical exegesis an hermeneutics, filosofical theology, preachin, an spirituality written in Greek. He wis anathematised at the Seicont Cooncil o Constantinople. He wis ane o the maist influential figurs in early Christian asceticism.[2][3]

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