Ordre de l'Union parfaite

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Ordre de l'Union Parfaite
Ordre de l'Union Parfaite.svg
Badge and sash o the order.
Awairdit bi Queen Sophie Magdalene
Teep Chivalric order in ane class
Motto In felicissimæ Unionis Memoriam
Status Disestablished
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Member
Established August 7, 1732
DEN Ordre de l'Union Parfaite ribbon.svg
Ordre de l'Union Parfaite ribbon

The Ordre de l'Union Parfaite wis foondit bi Queen consort Queen Sophie Magdalene on August 7, 1732, tae celebrate the tenth anniversary o her happy mairiage wi Keeng Christian VI o Denmark an Norawa. Gien tae baith men an weemen, L'Union Parfaite wis the first Dano-Norwegian order.