Order o St. Gregory the Great

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Order o St. Gregory the Great
Ordo Sancti Gregorii Magni  (Laitin)
Knight Commander's cross o the Order o St. Gregory the Great (1841)
Awairdit bi
Emblem of the Papacy SE.svg
The Pape
Teep An honorary Order o Knichtheid o the Haly See, but nae necessarily o the Roman Catholic Kirk.
Motto Pro Deo et Principe  (Laitin)
("For God an Ruler")
Eligibility Roman Catholic laity
Status Bestowed bi authority o the Pape as the monarch o the Haly See an as the temporal sovereign o the Vatican Ceety State.
Sovereign Pape Francis (syne Apryle 2013)
Grades (w/ post-nominals)
  • Knicht/Dame Grand Cross (GCSG)
  • Knicht/Dame Commander wi Starn (KC*SG/DC*SG)
  • Knicht/Dame Commander (KCSG/DCSG)
  • Knicht/Dame (KSG/DSG)
Umwhile grades Knight/Dame Grand Cross o the Seicont Cless
Established Established on 1 September 1831
Established 1831
Next (heicher) Order o Pape Pius IX
Next (lawer) Order o St. Sylvester
Order of St. Gregory the Great.png
Reebin bar o the order

The Pontifical Equestrian Order o St. Gregory the Great (Laitin: Ordo Sancti Gregorii Magni; Italian: Ordine di San Gregorio Magno) wis established on 1 September 1831, bi Pape Gregory XVI.