Order o Parfaite Amitié

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Order of Parfaite Amitié
Orden de Parfaite Amitié
Awairdit bi Wappen Thurn und Taxis.svg Prince o Thurn an Taxis
Teep Dynastic Order
Ryal hoose Hoose o Thurn an Taxis
Releegious affiliation Roman Catholic
Ribbon Navy Blue and Maroon with a thin Gold border.
(Latin:"Chain o Friendship")
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Prince Albert II
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Knicht/Dame Grand Cross
Knicht/Dame Grand Officer
Knicht/Dame Commander
Knicht/Dame Officer
Established 1750
National order: 1750 - 1806
Hoose order: 1806 - present
Friedrich Order.png
Ribbon o the order

The Order o Parfaite Amitié (German: Orden de Parfaite Amitié; literally meaning "Order o Perfect Friendship") is a dynastic order o knighthood of the Princely Hoose o Thurn an Taxis. The order wis foondit during the ring o Alexander Ferdinand, 3rd Prince o Thurn an Taxis as the supreme order o the princely hoose. Karl Anselm, 4t Prince o Thurn an Taxis then reformed the order and wis able tae formally transmit it tae descendants tae this day. Wi the abolition o the principalities o the Confederation o the Rhine bi the acts o 12 Julie 1806, the order's value became related tae the dynasty, an is tae be gien tae members wha have turned 18.

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